Music with life

“Arts education in music…is one of the most creative ways we have to find the gold that is buried just beneath the surface. They (Children) have an enthusiasm for life, a spark of creativity, and vivid imaginations that need training – training that prepares them to become confident young men and women.”

“Studying music and the arts elevates children’s education, expands students’ horizons, and teaches them to appreciate the wonder of life.”
Richard W. Riley, July 1999.

Vivo Musica! focuses on delivering quality and customised music education programmes through an exciting, holistic and integrated approach. Our goals are to instil in children a love of music through their earliest learning experiences and provide strong mentoring support to teachers.

We are committed to creating a fun and loving music atmosphere in which children feel happy and secure, and teachers feel inspired and confident in their abilities to craft and develop music lessons.